Security and Privacy Issues in E-commerce

It is important to be aware of security and privacy issues associated with e-commerce. Some common security threats include fraudulent use of credit cards, computer viruses, spam (unsolicited e-mail messages) and theft of computers or information. Publishing is another type of security threat that involves an e-mail message that looks like it comes from an official source but links in the message go to a fake website where you may disclose personal information. Common threats to privacy include theft of personal information and inadequate protection of private information. The following are tips for minimizing security and privacy risks.

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Options for Selling Products on Your Website If you are thinking of selling online on your own website, consider the following:

• The type and number of products you want to sell online.

• Whether selling online will make up a significant portion of your sales.

• Customer needs and preferences. The following table shows the four main options you have with respect to selling your products and services on your website.

OPTIONS FOR SELLING PRODUCTS ON YOUR WEBSITE OPTION 1 Hosted Solution with Bundled E-Commerce Package OPTION 2 E-Commerce Licensed Software/Application (Templates) OPTION 3 E-Commerce Open Source Software (Templates) OPTION 4 Customized E-Commerce Solution Considerations for Choosing Hosted Solution:

• Service provider takes care of installation and management.

• Typically offers a wide range of features and different types of plans to meet your needs.

• Can offer custom-built or template solutions.

Identify what services and features you need (hosted solutions offer a wide range of packages and features). Considerations for Choosing Licensed Software:

• Can provide you with a professional looking storefront at a relatively low cost with ecommerce website Singapore.

• Involves monthly fees and/or sales commission.

• Less flexibility in store layout and design as compared to customized solution.

• Can choose from a wide range of features and plans.

• Ensure compatibility with hosting environment and other software.

Your business’s level of technical expertise. Will you require professional assistance in setting up and managing the software? Considerations for Choosing Open Source Software:

• Freely available software.

• Read the fine print for other costs (additional features, upgrades may have associated costs).

• Likely to be professional fees associated with setting up and modifying to suit your needs.

• How mature is the product?

• Ensure compatibility with hosting environment and other software.

Considerations for Customized Solution:

• Most expensive option.

• Most appropriate when e-commerce is a critical part of your business.

• High control over the website.