5 Big advantages of booking a package holiday

For a lot of holidaymakers, package holidays have long been a favorite way to get an economical break in the sun with no stress, no fuss, and minimal expense. But the cheap deals and easy booking process are not the only upsides of a package holiday. They also come with several elements of financial protection and assistance guarantees that we do not get with a DIY holiday booking, and that is becoming more and more valuable in a time when our safety abroad seems to be under threat. Read on to find out about the five big benefits of booking a hua hin holiday packages.


Package travel regulations

The package travel regulations are a piece of legislation which make sure that travel providers advertise their holiday packages honestly, and deliver it to the customer as described. This basically ensures that we really do get what we pay for! The Regulations also set out our travel provider’s responsibility of care to us if something goes wrong any component of the holiday booked with them, for example, if our flight is canceled or the hotel has overbooked. This would also be the case in the event of a terrorist attack or international incident; our package holiday provider has a legal responsibility to get us home.

ATOL and ABTA protection

The other two elements of our holiday protection are ATOL and ABTA. If our booking includes a flight we are covered by the ATOL bonding scheme, where there is a £2.50 ATOL fee built into the cost of our flight that guarantees us a refund and/or a flight home if the airline goes bust. Thirdly, the ABTA bonding scheme ensures our costs will be covered in the event that our travel provider goes out of business. As with the package travel regulations, if we book our holiday independently you will not be entitled to either of these protections.

All inclusive packages

All inclusive packages are big money savers that are not available for a DIY holiday booking. An all-inclusive package means that all our food, drink and often some snacks and activities at the hotel are included in our booking, so we can minimize the amount of money we spend while we are away. If we are planning on spending most of our holiday in or around our hotel we will definitely get value for money on this kind of deal, and it is a dream arrangement for families with young children or those on a tight budget who do not want costs to spiral out of control.

Quick and easy booking process

The beauty of a package holiday is that we get everything arranged for us! Instead of going to lots of different websites to book your flights, accommodation, and transfers separately, and then having lots of different booking confirmations to keep track of, a package holiday company book everything for us and send us one confirmation so we have all our essential information in one place. Most package holidays also come with an in-resort rep, so we will always have help on hand if we have any problems while we are away.

Cheaper prices

When something’s the easy option with everything done for us, we would assume we have to pay for that convenience, but package holidays are often cheaper than DIY holidays. This is because tour operators buy up flight seats and hotel rooms in bulk to create their packages, benefiting from a big discount that they can pass on to their customers. They also have access to ‘inclusive tour’ flight-and-room bundles, which are cheaper and are not available for public purchase. To find out more about our dream cruise holiday packages click here.


The benefits of using a travel agent

With expertise on the rise, the advantages of using a travel agent have become an ordinary debate among consumers. Is it really worth the time and money to avail the services of travel agents when we can just research everything online at no cost? The answer is yes. Travel agents can tailor our trip according to our needs and wants while keeping our budget in mind.

For a clearer picture of what travel agents can do for us, we curate a list of some of the many benefits of using a Singapore city tour:

Access to room upgrades, hard to get restaurant reservations, and private guides

Want to stay within budget while enjoying superior service? Travel agents can get us upgrades so we may enjoy our vacation to its full potential. Want a room with an ocean view and a hammock? Scheduling on visiting one of the most talked about restaurants in the city? Our travel agent will work tirelessly to meet all of our needs.


Travel agents will simplify complex itineraries

Planning travel can be a daunting task, especially if we have several travelers to consider. Travel agents can take the hassle away by organizing difficult itineraries – from booking complex airline routings to finding deals on 5-star accommodations to compiling a list of must-see attractions. They ensure that everything is ready before we leave and that we benefit from a stress-free vacation. Think of our travel expert as a friend who genuinely cares about us and our interests.

Insight from someone who is actually been there

The best part about booking with a travel agent is that we can learn from their experiences. They can tell us about their favorite and least favorite parts of a destination, excursions and restaurants to try, things to avoid, and more!

Travel agents offer assistance while we are on vacation

Hiccups during vacations are sometimes unavoidable – no matter how much we prepare. We could get an unacceptable room at a first class resort or transportation to the resort does not show up. Travel agents can usually resolve these issues so we may enjoy the remainder of our holiday.

So why should we use a travel agent?

There are many, many good reasons, which I will explain. But the bottom line is that they know more than we do, they are better associated than us, they have access to benefits we cannot get otherwise, they can often beat any other prices available, and after we have planned everything, they provide a safety net during our trip that we simply would not get by booking ourselves or buying insurance. Having a peak travel mediator can also make us an instant VIP – free room upgrades, hard to get restaurant reservations, cutting lines, access to otherwise closed stores and exhibits, private guides, and cheaper – often much cheaper – premium airfares. Even though most top agents charge fees, in approximately every firsthand experience we or our friends, family, and acquaintances have had, travel agents have saved money, often a lot of money, thousands of dollars, and in every case, more than paid for them. To read more about Singapore food tour click here.