Why to buy winter jacket and what are the benefits?

Winter is coming and no, we are not talking about the climate in Game of Thrones’ Westeros. If you are escaping the scorching heat of Singapore for a scenic winter break anytime soon, you are probably already fretting the contents of your luggage. Relax – whether you are hitting the slopes for a lexes ski trip, hiking snow-capped mountains or exploring the streets of a chilly country, we have rounded to buy winter wear jackets in Singapore.


Ask any local for advice on winter wear – chances are, Cold Wear would be the first thing that will come to mind. Designs are kept timeless for easy layering, and made with innovative materials, aimed to keep your suitcases as light as possible. Bonus: Free shipping (above $50) is offered on the site if you cannot make it down to its brick and mortar stores.

At Winter Time, the cold wear range does not mess around. They are unmistakably heavy-duty – so do not expect user stylish pieces for slouchy, street style ensembles. Word of advice, Do your research on your destination’s weather so you don’t end up splurging on things you do not need.

This one’s a big contender for chic cold wear giants like Uniqlo. Designed for the savvy traveller, collections here rely on three simple principles: function, style and lightness. For women, the 4-in-1 down jacket with polar fleece trimming and the adjustable drawstring faux fur trim jacket is versatile, star buys. As for the lads, you can’t go wrong with the down jacket with faux fur collar and the black jacket with down gilet.

Everyone’s fave Japanese clothing brand offers the unthinkable: affordable cashmere sweaters *gasp*. But if your winter wardrobe’s calling out for more than super soft layers, stock up on leggings and long sleeved t-shirts from the Heat Tech collection. Great for layering, Heat Tech pieces are unbelievably lightweight, and keep wearers warm without the overbearing thickness of usual winter woolies. Look out for the Fall/Winter seasons – that’s when the chic coats, jackets and parkas really come out to play.

What is the plan for winter holidays?

If you are headed for a lexes winter holiday up on the swish Swiss Alps, it’s best to invest… in lexes ski wear and upmarket après ski fashion, that is. Sleek ski bunnies have to check out Montclair, which melds sports functionality with timeless style. Standouts of its women’s range include the ultra light down jackets in chic neutrals and field jackets with svelte silhouettes and nipped waists while men can keep comfy with padded down jackets and olive green parkas. Designs are kept timeless for easy layering, and made with innovative materials, aimed to keep your suitcases as light as possible. Bonus: Free shipping (above $50) is offered on the site if you cannot make it down to its brick and mortar stores.

Look beyond the extensive shoe racks at this sturdy boots behemoth and you will find yourself in winter wear Singapore. We do not mean gritty, purely functional jackets a la Indiana Jones either; even the ladies will be pleasantly surprised to find racks of chic quilted vests, classic fluffy parkas and spiffy trench coats worthy of (Anna) Win tour.


How to purchase a men’s belt: the ultimate guide

Pretty much each part a man’s outfit gets considerably more attention than the mens belt. It is treated additional like a utility than a fashion piece, and as such, ends up being a product that is picked up as an afterthought, rather than one that is sought out.

In reality, though it should be just the opposite. If we are trying to differentiate us or make a statement, our belt should be one among the first places that we start. A top quality brown or black belt can add a necessary touch to complete an outfit, while a colorful exotic or statement belt will become the centerpiece of the entire outfit.

Two main varieties of belts

Belts generally fall under one of 2 categories: Dress belts and casual belts.

Dress belts are more formal and are generally worn with suits and dressier kinds of attire. Casual belts are wider and less formal, and may be worn with jeans, shorts, and a multitude of other kinds of garments.Occasionally belts may be both dress and casual, but that is fairly rare.


Belt sizing truly tends to be a little confusing, as completely different brands and locations size their belts differently.

If we are shopping in a retail store, we are able to just wrap it around our waist and ensure the length after the buckle is suitable for the type of belt that we are purchasing.

Care & storage

If we happen to urge our leather or suede belt dirty, the primary thing we want to do is to use a soft rag with some warm water and see if we can wipe off the mark. If it is stubborn and would not come out with simply water, then we might have to use some leather cleaner with the rag to provide it a next level clean.

Once the mark or stain is gone, then we will need to use a leather conditioner to replace the oils that the cleaner wiped away. Merely use a soft, clean towel and wipe on the conditioner, then let sit for 15-30 minutes till it is absorbed.

Now that our belt is back to condition, we can store it either rolled up in a drawer or shoebox, or we can use a belt hanger in order that it hangs flat in our closet. If you are looking for men’s belt in Singapore, visit site.